Moderation awaited, but no feedback about my post finished in the spam filter


I wrote my first post days ago, asking for technical support.
The post has been marked as spam, without specifying what was wrong.

I am waiting since then to have any feedback by moderators but my post seems forgotten.
I really need to find a technical solution to my issue but nobody can read my post until it’s accepted by a mod.

Is there any moderation on the automatic spam filters?
Who should I contact to get feedback or to signal a false positive?

Yes there are automated filters. Discourse has a default list and every once in a while I’ll hit one of it’s trigger words. lol

@thockin @mrbobbytables for visibility

Not sure what happened, but it did get deleted from the mod queue, I’ve restored the post :+1:

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Great, so I don’t need to rewrite it :slight_smile:
Thanks a bunch!