Multi-region HA cluster with microk8s

Hi I am new to kubernetes, and have started the learning with microk8s

I have completed a simple HA-cluster with 3 vm in my home network, and I am trying to move on creating a multi-region cluster using microk8s and I am now facing some technical issues accomplishing it.

My definition of multi-region refers to joining 3 physical nodes over internet using dynamic dns hostname, in my example below,,

My ideal cluster should look like what is illustrated below

Assuming the example in my ideal cluster i would need to configure the following

Port Forwarding on to physical node holding a NAT address
25000 for cluster-agent
16443 for api
19001 for dqlite

In my master-2, i should probably do the following

microk8s join

but I am unable to join to master-1

My question

  • Is multi-region HA clustering possible with microk8s?
  • if yes, what have I done wrong, or assumed wrongly?
  • if no, why it is not possible?


Any feedback?
Am I totally off from what the design of microk8s is supposed to do?

Hi @kytay

The authors of [1] take a slightly different approach. They setup a network over the different regions. You might find i interesting.

[1] How to Deploy a Cross-Cloud Kubernetes Cluster with Built In Disaster Recovery - DEV Community