My Open source project for generating YAML File for kubernetes

When I am trying to create my own YAML configuration file in Kubernetes I faced a lot of challenges. One of the main challenges is " what are the option I have for a particular property or option for a YAML field? "

So I searched in Google and found some interesting Github project which is kubergui but that project/tool is not helpful when we want to generate advanced YAML configuration for our Kubernetes cluster.

So I thought to solve this problem with my web development skills :crazy_face: and want to help others to easily generate YAML configuration file for their Kubernetes cluster.

So after working hard, I came up with the one tool that helps you to generate the YAML file and also helps you to know what are options available for a particular YAML property/field.

The tool is Kube-yaml-gen that helps you to generate the YAML file by selecting the available options.

You don’t need to pay anything :joy: for this tool/app because it open source and hosted in Github pages :crazy_face:.

Check out that project here. If you found useful then give a star and share because this is my first open-source project.

Any suggestions or features to improve the project are accepted :wink::blush:.