KubeRig - Kotlin DSL based deployments - No YAML required!

Hi everybody,

I am working on KubeRig a tool that allows you to define your resources by using a Kotlin DSL.

The DSL is auto generated based on the spec of the api-server. This allows you to generate one for your own cluster, handy when you have created your own CRDs.
The DSL generation currently works for both Kubernetes and Openshift.

The DSL is made easily consumable by KubeRig. You can generate the yaml files that you would write manually or via some other template tool. You can also deploy them straight to an API server no kubectl/oc command line required.

KubeRig also allows you to define multiple environments to deploy to and supports encryption for storing sensitive information in Git. It transparently decrypts them when needed using an environment specific encryption key.

It is still very early days for KubeRig but I would love some feedback from the community!

You can find the projects on GitHub:

I am publishing the dsl for vanilla kubernetes on jcenter. here are the projects https://github.com/teyckmans/kuberig-dsl-kubernetes.
And for openshift here http://github.com/teyckmans/kuberig-dsl-openshift