Need to pull image with updated tag from docker in deployment yaml


I need to pull docker image with updated tag automatically in deployment yaml every time once tag changes or updated in docker registry. How to achieve this in kubernetes ?

In kubernetes you would still need to update the image manually in the manifest. You should be able to achieve this using FluxCD.

It will monitor your container registry for new containers and deploy them based on those changes. It will also be able to (if you choose) update the manifest in the code repo with the image it deployed.

there should be pulled automatically in devops envrionment. becasue everything is automated in devops envrionement. i hope companies are using any kind of method to achieve this kind of requirement

Please suggest is there any parameter should be add in deployement or another configuration is required to achieve this?

Unfortunately as far as I know that is not achievable with Kubernetes (itself) out of the box. If you are using something like Jenkins, Gitlab, or some other CI tool you should be able to get that kind of behavior.

What tools are you working with?