NVIDIA Container Toolkit

Can I continue to use docker-compose and " NVIDIA Container Toolkit" in parallel to MicroK8s Kubernetes or will MicroK8 Kubernetes change the docker environment?

Second question, does MicroK8 Kubernetes allow pods that use NVIDIA GPU via the “NVIDIA Container Toolkit”?

Hi @John_Grabner

MicroK8s packs its own container runtime (containerd) so it will not interfere with the host’s dockerd. You should be able to continue using docker-compose. The same goes for NVIDIA Container Toolkit, the nvidia container runtime is packaged and wil be turned on with microk8s enable gpu assuming you have the nvia drivers loaded.

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Thank you. You are correct, my existing setup is unaffected.
How do I pass credentials to the microk8s dockerd so it can pull from github private containers?