Open basic image tag as an launch config

In the Chinese network environment, due to the inability to access Google registry, image pull issues (ImagePullBackOff) are often encountered during installation.

Usually, it is necessary to build a private registry or find a domestic image of another Google registry. But this cannot completely solve the problem, and there are many limitations. In general, private registries do not support multi-level structures such as k8s. gcr. io/expression nginx/controller: v1.8.0(Google Cloud console), which do not match domain names. You still need to manually download (docker image save [tag]>***.tar), re tag, and finally import (microk8s crt image import ***.tar).

I have encountered pull issues with the following images

Can we add some launch parameters to simplify the initial installation and startup actions?
microk8s start --pause=[pause_tag] --metrics-server=[metrics-server_tag] …