Otomi v0.15.0 released!

Otomi makes developers self-serving and helps DevOps teams to guarantee application security and availability at the earliest stages in the development lifecycle when using Kubernetes while strongly relying on GitOps patterns, where the desired state is reflected as code and the cluster state is automatically updated.
Install Otomi on your Kubernetes cluster and get a complete platform experience with developer self-service that works out-of-the-box.

The new v0.15.0 release contains the following

  • Host modifications to insert custom CAs: When installing Otomi with minimal values, the auto-generated CA is now automatically inserted into the worker nodes. AKS with containerd still has known issues, but it works with docker (Moby)
  • Improved Services workflow: When creating services in Otomi, now first choose to map an existing svc or ksvc to Otomi or create a new ksvc, and secondly choose to configure public exposure for the mapped svc/ksvc or newly created ksvc
  • Improved Policies management: Browse through the list of all policies and click on a specific policy to enable/disable or change default policy parameters
  • Otomi Console bug-fixes and improved input validation
  • Multiple image updates because of known vulnerabilities: Otomi offers a complete suite of K8s apps and add-ons. All used images with critical vulnerabilities have been updated