Parsing JSON response in kubernetes Pod proto message failing with compatibilty error

I am using google protobuf’s JsonStringToMessage function from google/protobuf/json_util.h I have one json string (pod response). I want to convert/parse that json string response into kubernetes Pod message.
But, parsing is failing with error “invalid value “2023-08-11T07:37:33Z” for type

Sample code -

 string rawData = watch.object().raw(); // Attached image
 cout << rawData << endl;
 v1_25::k8s::io::api::core::v1::Pod pod;
 std::string jsonError;
 JsonParseOptions options;
 options.ignore_unknown_fields = true;
 google::protobuf::util::Status status = JsonStringToMessage(rawData, &pod, options);
 if( status.ok() )
     cout << "success" << endl;
 else cerr << "Failed" << status.error_message() << endl;