Problem with k8s and kubeadm

Kubernetes version: Latest
Installation method: Kubernetes with kubeadm.
CRI and version: Docker latest

Good Morning.
I have a program with the implementation of kubernetes with kubeadm, everything is fine until I execute the command kubeadm join, etc. It does not give an error, it only remains loading and shows “pre-flight checks”.


I had that problem too. Do you have the weave (or other pod network layer) running? Check the logs of their pods and Kubectl logs on problem node and master. I had to set the pod network range explicitly and/or disable swap and the problem went away. When all run please reboot cluster and check if cluster is healthy after the fact.


I’m just installing the environment, therefore I do not have pods. I’m using flannel (network mod).

Have you checked the kubelet logs?

I meant those :wink:

And you do have pods running, but in the kube-system namespace.