Proper way to make NGinx Ingress to use /etc/localtime from host

I know that in my own deployments I can use a hostPath volume and the corresponding mount to make the container use /etc/localtime from host machine, that way the timestamps in logs are in sync with the host machine, it works, but I haven’t find a simple way to do that with NGinx Ingress, unlike Traefik, NGinx Ingress does not have a parameter to configure that, so I had to edit the daemonset deployment to add the volume and the volume mount and it worked that way, but I suspect that there may be a better, simpler way to do it. Is there any?

I found a very nice tool, a K8S Admission Controller called k8tz which looks like the recommended way to set timezones in containers, but I could not make it work for the Ingress despite following instructions, NGinx was not affected by this tool.

k8tz Admission Controller