Providing an app via Kubernetes without a cloud

Newbie planning to deploy a small app. I figured Kubernetes and Docker would be better than a Vagrant VM in terms of speed and security. My app requires a good amount of storage, beyond the typical free account, and I can’t afford to pay a cloud provider. The host computer runs VPN. I just need some basic directions to get going.

I found this (Kubernetes v1.13) which appears deprecated: --enable-hostpath-provisioner
“Enable HostPath PV provisioning when running without a cloud provider. This allows testing and development of provisioning features. HostPath provisioning is not supported in any way, won’t work in a multi-node cluster, and should not be used for anything other than testing or development.”

Of course, there are plenty of courses on Kubernetes, but I have not found a resource that addresses the cloudless approach; they all seem to push you to the cloud. However, I did find this:

which uses this NordVPN instance:

and seems very close to what I am looking to do. Does Kubernetes support something like this? Any word on firewall configuration? Resources (courses, books, articles, docs, links, etc) are highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Host OS: mac

Hi Jota,
I am absolutely no k8s expert but if all you want is to deploy a small app, you probably do not need k8s, it would be overkill. A simple docker container should be enough. I would start on the Docker website or have a look at Docker Hub and see how people are doing it.

Hope this helps a bit.

I agree with @edoardo - for one container k8s is overkill, but if you really want you can play with or

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And I have to agree with @tomasz.prus, Minikube is a great way to get started with kubernetes. It will remove the cluster installation complexity and allow you to get a hang of the concepts.

Happy journey with containers.

minikube seems like a good way to get started. Thank you for the suggestions.