Best option for kubernetes for a single pod

Installing a packaged solution on a client site with remotes. The remote is single purpose and not in itself mission-critical, however it IS production. Historically this has been deployed on a (typically) VMWare VM, inside a single docker container, no kubernetes.
However vendor is withdrawing the docker option & some sort of kubernetes deployment will be mandatory.
Cloud is not an option.
Thoughts on options, pros and cons, and best practice welcomed. From what I see, I could use something like minikube or microk8s, or build a two VM minimal cluster ?
Thanks, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere that I’ve not found

Hi, there are basically 3 options on lightweight K8s. You can see a comparison below.

If you want to try Microk8s and LXD here are the instructions to set up HA cluster for production.

I hope it helps.

Something like k3s is pretty easy to manage. Hopefully it’s not a single node cluster. That would be a lot of wasted resources.