PV Migration feasibility

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone suggest about migration feasibility of flexVolume and flocker to cloud platform or between cluster?

Migrating PVs is something you generally have to handle manually outside of kubernetes. The most platform independent way I’ve seen is to essentially attach a pod that tars up the volume to send it some place where you can untar it on a fresh PV in another cluster.

Adding to that, velero has a beta feature to back it un and restore (never tried it). Maybe that is useful?

In any case, I’m very interested in what you find! Please share, I’m specially curious about if any tool out there has an easy way to configure like “live replication”(async or sync) from one PV in one cluster to another PV in another cluster

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Ahh, nice. I thought velero only worked on AWS. Looks like it supports a lot more now!