Velero (formerly Heptio Ark) v0.11.0 and v0.10.2 released!

We’re excited to announce the release of Velero v0.11.0! For an overview of the release, please see our blog post. Below you’ll find the release notes and all the links you need to get started.


  • Heptio Ark is now Velero! This release is the first one to use the new name. For details on the changes and how to migrate to v0.11, see the migration instructions. Please follow the instructions to ensure a successful upgrade to v0.11.
  • Restic has been upgraded to v0.9.4, which brings significantly faster restores thanks to a new multi-threaded restorer.
  • Velero now waits for terminating namespaces and persistent volumes to delete before attempting to restore them, rather than trying and failing to restore them while they’re being deleted.

All Changes

  • Fix concurrency bug in code ensuring restic repository exists (#1235, @skriss)
  • Wait for PVs and namespaces to delete before attempting to restore them. (#826, @nrb)
  • Set the zones for GCP regional disks on restore. This requires the compute.zones.get permission on the GCP serviceaccount in order to work correctly. (#1200, @nrb)
  • Renamed Heptio Ark to Velero. Changed internal imports, environment variables, and binary name. (#1184, @nrb)
  • use ‘restic stats’ instead of ‘restic check’ to determine if repo exists (#1171, @skriss)
  • upgrade restic to v0.9.4 & replace --hostname flag with --host (#1156, @skriss)
  • Clarify restore log when object unchanged (#1153, @daved)
  • Add backup-version file in backup tarball. (#1117, @wwitzel3)
  • add ServerStatusRequest CRD and show server version in ark version output (#1116, @skriss)


We also shipped v0.10.2, a patch release which contains a few bug fixes and improvements for the restic integration. All of these changes are also included in v0.11.0. You can find v0.10.2 here:


The Velero team

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