Recommendations for sharing storage across a cluster

As a bit of background we have setup a Kubernetes cluster on VMs on our internal Hyper-V infrastructure. The cluster consists of Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows Server 2019 worker nodes running v1.15. We installed these using these instructions:

We are fairly new to Kubernetes and we are looking for recommendations on a production grade solution to sharing storage across the worker nodes. We are looking for something that will work across all the nodes if at all possible.

Any pointers/help would be much appreciated.


I don’t have experience with Windows, but there are several volumes supported. NFS is probably usable in Windows, maybe others like openEBS or some other container attached storage solution too.

But sorry, can’t really tell from experience, just what I think probably works :-/

Darren, you can try out what I’m using and recommend. I’m using RealCloud Kubernetes Cluster for all my production ready K8s. It’s as simple as 1 click there to deploy your K8s cluster and you don’t have worry on anything then. I was at AWS and shifted here more than a year back, cost is much lower than AWS and the native container support allows in depth granularity

The good thing for you would be you can get sign up for a free trial account on their homepage itself.

Also, the virtualization mechanism can probably expose block devices, that can be useful (as raw block devices or as a local persistent volume)