Restart a kind cluster

Is it possible to restart a Kubernetes cluster that was created with kind? Simply running docker start <kind container> does not seem to work.

Sorry, not follow. It was created how? I don’t know what you refer to. Sorry :slight_smile:

The cluster is created by “kind create cluster”. A single docker container is started for that cluster. After the cluster, i.e. the container has terminated it can not be resumed. This is unfortunate because in my case it takes a long time to setup the complete cluster (including Helm, Keycloak, OpenFaaS, PostgreSQL).

I used the “preload” feature of kind, i.e. created a kind node image that contained additional required images. This improved the situation somewhat. But it is still not ideal. A cluster that was setup with Minikube can be resumed.

Restarting a cluster is not currently supported, however there is an issue open regarding adding that functionality:

There are some ‘pre-boot’ things that need to be taken care of before the cluster can be started (remounting volumes). There’s a workaround posted later in the thread to get around it for now till the functionality is natively in kind.

Thanks for that information!