Same domain for two services

hey guys, I have a question

I have GKE autopilot setup, it is running BE,FE,DB and playwright.
All works except that playwright cannot login. I suspect that it is because of different domains.

Fe is running on http://frontend:3000/ and BE is running http://backend:8085/ (service names)

Is there a way to solve this? Maybe having just one domain name? I need it just internally for the playwright.

Thanks for response

Not nearly enough info.

Are those all different deployments?

Do the services work (have endpoints, etc) and just not log-in, or are they broken?

Try this doc: Debug Services | Kubernetes

@thockin thanks for respone,
yes they are all different deployment inside one namespace.
its pretty much:

The frontend can communicate with backend without issue.
If I add to the frontend service type: LoadBalancer and access it publicly, it works without issue.

The doc I linked explains how to troubleshoot a Service which is not working.