Scaling from local VM minikube/microk8s testing to testing on real cluster on AWS

All -

I am a K8s newbie. I am trying to get a test a setup going with the following intention – I want to be able to have a setup configuration that I can use without much modification regardless of whether I use microk8s/minikube to run K8s or EKS on AWS. Is this possible?

Specifically, I want to setup a cluster with N components. For local testing each of these components may ask for small amount of resources for local VM testing (like 2GB disk, 1GB RAM, dns resolution locally etc.) while for the EKS testing these components will be requesting much larger resources (255GB disk, 8GB RAM, real load balancer instead of just dns resolution in EKS etc.)

Are there some resources to help me accomplish that? Any links to articles/books will help on this topic.