Service.spec.loadbalancerip alternative for bare-metal deployments

With the deprecation of service.spec.loadbalancerip in K8s 1.24, I think, with bare metal deployments is there a tried and tested way to assign specific LB IP addresses in single and dual stack deployments?
Any input is gratefully received.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.26

Cloud being used: baremetal

Installation method: custom

Deprecated does not mean “removed”.

The truth is that allocating LB IP(s) is very implementation-specific, so implementations are encouraged to use specific annotations. You need to know what your implementation supports.

@thockin if the documentation says deprecated, I want to stay away from it, esp. If I am starting out to build my cluster.

A noob question - when you state that I have to understand my implementation specific annotation, my implementation uses metallb and no real extra cluster load balancer ( read baremetal) - so what should I make of implementation specific annotation?

I think MetalLB supports loadbalancerIP. So whether “deprecated” or not, that’s what you should use until/unless the implementation has an alternative.

Thanks much @thockin !