Statefulset active/passive deployment

Kubernetes version: 1.24
Cloud being used: aws/eks
Installation method: terraform

I have artemis as a messaging system deployed as two statefulsets, one is active/live and the other one is passive.

These are in the same helm chart alongside other related objects, given that each statefulset has just single pod and we can’t scale that for obvious reasons in artemis, I’m wondering how I can deploy the chart using helm guaranteeing that they won’t be deployed simultaneously? or forget about helm, is there anyway in k8s to guarantee that these two statefulsets are deployed mutual exclusively? meaning that before deploying one of them it check the rollout status of the other one to provide HA.
Separating helm chart is not an option due to tangled dependencies on the helm chart, and complicated/long workarounds are accepted, since it’s already in my mind to manage/replace such service with cloud/enterprise one but we need to support 100% uptime during the deployment for now.