Static Node Configuration file during Creation of Nodes for EKS Cluster

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: V.1.19
Cloud being used: AWS
Installation method: Terraform Scripts
Host OS: Linux
CNI and version: VPC-CNI- v1.8.0

Hi Team ,

We recently created EKS Cluster with 3 nodes , We tried updating the node config (kubelet config)file using this Documentation . After Updating the config files we are facing issues with most of our application that got deployed onto the cluster , so we rollback to older config. We assume these issues are due to disturbing the live Cluster. Instead of updating the config files in the Live cluster, can we have a config file predefined/pre-created which we can attach to our Nodes during the Creation of Cluster ?

Kindly let me know if it is posssible or the approach i am trying is Correct

Thank you in advance