/sys/fs/cgroup/misc/kubepods.slice not found on OL8 with k8s v1.26.2 but exists with k8s v1.25.4 and v1.24.1

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: V1.26.2
Cloud being used: OCI
Installation method:
Host OS: OracleLinux8.7

I see that v1.25.4 and v1.24.1 kubernetes versions on OL8.7 has /sys/fs/cgroup/misc/kubepods.slice file.
But the same does not exist on v1.26.2.

kubepods.slice exists in other cgroups such as systemd.
Also the runc vendor library references on v1.25.4 is 1.1.3, on v1.24.1 is 1.1.1 and on v1.26.2 is 1.1.4.
runc binary version on all of them is 1.1.4.

Can someone please help explain the reason for this, thanks.