[Website feedback] Reference to not accessable or not existing URL address

Hello. I wanted to bring into the attention that any URL that:

  • ends with “.k8s.io” mentioned in the documentation

  • an imported into source code reference to “k8s.io/api”, even after including the version parameter (“/v1”)

are returning a HTTP error 404 (Not Found).

Could any admin check if there is no server missconfiguration? Thanks

Is this in reference to apiVersions? If so, tgat is expected. Those don’t need to be “real”.

There are plenty of k8s.io sites, in general it’s a redirect for various things like k8s.io alone goes to our main site so things like Kubernetes Blog | Kubernetes or Kubernetes Documentation | Kubernetes will take you to parts of there.

Hello. I had referenced myself to both, the ones in the Kubernotes API and Fyne documentation, where it was used.

In both cases:

  • in case of Kubernotes documentation, it were sub-domains of k8s.io
  • in case of Fryne it was a k8s.io/api

In the both mentioned cases, the “Not Found” error was returned. That why I messaged here to ask about it.

Just because they look like URLs doesn’t mean that they are HTTP endpoints. Example: k8s.io/api is the Go package name for the Kube API code. If you go get that, it will be usable from your own Go modules.