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Hi all,

I’m not sure that’s the best place to post something about the but I found a deadlink on Increasing the security bar in Ingress-NGINX v1.2.0 | Kubernetes entry (search Kubernetes namespaces to find it).



Hey @thomas_ign ,
You can create a new issue on k8s GitHub page and post it about this.

This is the correct link for namespaces - Namespaces | Kubernetes

Thanks @tej-singh-rana, I gonna do it right away.

btw I created a PR for this. :sweat_smile:

OK, we’ll see which one is merged :wink:

ha ha ha no issue :smile:

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The link is correctly working. I have tried with the link on essay outline and the output is as per the expectation.

Hello @Sonia_Jhonson, a patch has been merged so everything is correct now.