The registry

Hi everyone,
This is probably more docker question but ultimately im playing around kubernetes/min-kube :slight_smile:

I have built a simple docker image:

docker build . -t mynginx:10

And here it is:

$ docker image ls
REPOSITORY                    TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED          SIZE
mynginx                       10        cbc30251205a   36 seconds ago   170MB   <--- Here
ubuntu                        latest    2dc39ba059dc   4 days ago       77.8MB
registry                      2         3a0f7b0a13ef   3 weeks ago      24.1MB   v0.0.33   b7ab23e98277   5 weeks ago      1.14GB

Yet, this image in NOT in the registry.
If so, where is this image now / from where Docker is reading image list?

that image is now on your computer in the docker store.

In order to have the image on an external repository you need to tag and push the image.
say you want to push the image into

you need to run:

docker build -t .

Then run:

docker login

and provide a username and password if required

and finally:

docker push