UDP inbound communication

We are having one use case for UDP inbound communication from external, for that we planning to use nginx-ingress. Is this right solution ? or we have any other alternative for UDP load balancing ?

I’m curious about this too. I’ve used kind=Service with externalIPs and that kind of works, but can run afoul of iptables rules on the client as I think the udp response comes from the k8s host’s ip rather then the ip of the service. Not sure how to fix this.

In our case nginx-ingress is working with UDP load balancing, if needed i can share the configuration .
But i’m not sure about the performance. will it give almost similar performance like layer 4 load balancer (using ipvsadm or iptables )

I would expose a Service with type LoadBalancer and specify UDP in the Service spec.

Be sure to stay away from trying to depend on the ingress-controller to load balance stateful connections. A good example would be exposing an openvpn service. When the ingress-controller reloads it will drop existing connections.

So you’re better off using a Service directly.

@Jebin_J, I am also looking for UDP Nginx ingress configurations on AWS EKS, could you please share your configurations.