Unable to start cluster with --apiserver-advertise-address flag

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.18.6
Cloud being used: bare metal on emebbed devices
Installation method: apt
Host OS: Ubuntu 18.04
CNI and version: flannel v0.12.0
CRI and version: Docker 19.03.12

I try to initialse a cluster on three embedded devices (Raspberry Pi 3, Beagle Bone Black Nvidia Jetson Nano) which are connected via an OpenVPN virtual network. But erverytime I try to add a flag like --apiserver-advertise-address flag or --control-plane-endpoint the initialization fails. When I look into the status of the kubelet it shows something like: node “node-name” not found.
When I initialse the cluster e.g. only with the flag --pod-network-cidr it works, but the nodes don’t “use” their IP-adresses of the virtal network.

Can somebody please help my with this problem.