Use local docker images

Hi, I have some custom images in my local docker registry and also I have installed kubernetes/kubeadmin/kubectl in the same machine, and I want to use my “local” images from the docker registry to create a kubernetes POD, is this possible?


If I understand correctly, it’s possible using minikube and vm-driver none.

Is that what you are looking for?

This will be for a production environment, is minikube recommended? can you please guide me on how to use minikube with local images?

If this is for a production environment you’ll want to avoid using a local registry. You should be using something like Harbor (CNCF Project),, or jfrog’s artifactory for your container registry.

This way you’ll be able to properly store things and use container scanning and signing features to ensure the containers your running are safe and trusted.

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There are tons of ways tons of solutions to have a proper docker registry, you should check that :slight_smile: