[Vietnam Kubernetes Community] 1st Meetup of VietKubers

VietKubers was founded on the basis of learning and sharing our knowledge together in a thriving environment. Founded by the former OpenStack Team at Fujitsu, we hope to bridge the gap of knowledge in the open-source community and lay a new foundation for Kubernetes users in Vietnam in the near future.

Our first meetup is a playground for team founders to share their knowledge and insights, as well as for future VietKubers to meet and greet and get to know each other.

Agenda will be as follows:

  1. “Kubernetes recap” by Cao Xuan Hoang. Hoang has been active in Cloud technologies in many years and have had contributions to OpenStack community. Currently he is working on Kubernetes.
  2. “Microservice deployment/scaling with Kubernetes” by Dao Cong Tien. Tien is one of OpenStack contributors in many years, with several contributions to Ironic Baremetal project.
  3. “Deep dive into container networking” by Nguyen Phuong An, Kim Bao Long and Nguyen Hai Truong. Leading the team, An has been a part of OpenStack Neutron Project for many years with experiences in networking. Now he continues to talk about networking in containers’ system.
  4. “Discussion and sharing on Kubernetes”

There are some small gifts for lucky attendees!

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