View logs from multiple pods not working

I understand that we can view logs from multiple pods. I have a very basic Alpine deployment that pings a url, replicaset =3.
When I try something like (with or without )
kubectl logs deployment/alpineping --all-containers=true

I get a response from only 1 pod as follows

Found 3 pods, using pod/alpineping-5749694988-dlljt
64 bytes from seq=2273 ttl=118 time=3.151 ms

Is there anything missing in my command? Thanks for your help

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.26
Cloud being used: (put bare-metal if not on a public cloud) bare-metal
Installation method:
Host OS: ubuntu
CNI and version:
CRI and version:

  buildDate: "2022-08-23T17:44:59Z"
  compiler: gc
  gitCommit: a866cbe2e5bbaa01cfd5e969aa3e033f3282a8a2
  gitTreeState: clean
  gitVersion: v1.25.0
  goVersion: go1.19
  major: "1"
  minor: "25"
  platform: linux/amd64
kustomizeVersion: v4.5.7
  buildDate: "2023-04-12T12:05:35Z"
  compiler: gc
  gitCommit: f89670c3aa4059d6999cb42e23ccb4f0b9a03979
  gitTreeState: clean
  gitVersion: v1.26.4
  goVersion: go1.19.8
  major: "1"
  minor: "26"
  platform: linux/amd64

Try using below command:
kubectl logs -f -l app=alpineping or pick any other selector that you like.

Thanks fox, yes this worked like a charm