Gathering logs accross multiple services/pods, how you people do?


It’s a question that i ask myself frequenlty, how do other Ops manage with log gathering ?
I’m actually new to the kubernetes universe, i’ve got several questions about deploying kubernetes to production.
One of them is : how do you manage to get all the logs from the différents pods and their replicas.
Let’s say you have a simple service (nginx) and an HPA you scales up your pods.
How can i get all the logs from the new created pods inside one place ?

Counting on you guys :smile:.


You probably want to forward it to some persistent place.

I think there are several options (self hosted and managed), in particular I was using logDNA.


Fluent Bit + Elasticsearch + Kibana
Fluent Bit + Graylog

This is my current setup of choice but I’m keen to get to know more solutions.