What's the function of `ingress-nginx-admission-create` and `ingress-nginx-admission-patch`?

minikube addons enable dashboard
minikube addons enable ingress

now there is ingress-nginx namespace.

$ kubectl -- get ns
NAME                   STATUS   AGE
default                Active   12h
ingress-nginx          Active   8m6s
kube-node-lease        Active   12h
kube-public            Active   12h
kube-system            Active   12h
kubernetes-dashboard   Active   19m

when I want to check the pods in ingress-nginx, I find there are two pods not running:

[developer@minikube]$ kubectl -- get pods -n ingress-nginx -o wide
NAME                                        READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE     IP           NODE       NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
ingress-nginx-admission-create--1-5qmsw     0/1     Completed   0          3m46s   minikube   <none>           <none>
ingress-nginx-admission-patch--1-9c4zs      0/1     Completed   1          3m46s   minikube   <none>           <none>
ingress-nginx-controller-69bdbc4d57-9wlhg   1/1     Running     0          3m47s   minikube   <none>           <none>


why they don't run? and what's the function of them?