A multi-node microk8s cluster with LXD containers on the new systemd/snap enabled WSL2 : possible?

Recently systemd/snap became available for WSL2.

I was silently hoping that with this we might also be able to run a multi-node microk8s inside of a bunch of LXD containers on top of WSL, but I seem to be running into this limitation that the WSL has no kernel modules available in the file system which I need to reference in the LXD profile to prepare the LXD system containers for the microk8s installation and runtime. When you follow the instructions found for microk8s on LXD you are asked to create a LXD profile, but the files for this include kernel modules not available under WSL.

Would a custom Kernel be an option ? Has someone already been able to get this working ?

It would be nice as an alternative to setting up multiple VMs with multipass for instance.