Addons table

Source: See kwasm website
Compatibility: amd64 arm64

name description version compatibility
cert-manager Certificate management for Kubernetes clusters 1.25 mac win amd64 arm64 classic strict
community Enables the community addons repository 1.24 mac win arm64 strict
dns Deploys CoreDNS. It is recommended that this addon is always enabled. 1.24 mac win arm64 strict
dashboard The standard Kubernetes Dashboard. strict
gpu Enable support for GPU accelerated workloads using the NVIDIA runtime. 1.23 win arm64
ha-cluster Allows for high availability on clusters with at least three nodes. mac win arm64 strict
helm Installs the Helm 2 package manager for Kubernetes 1.16 amd64 classic
helm3 Installs the Helm 3 package manager for Kubernetes 1.18 amd64 classic
hostpath-storage Create a default storage class which allocates storage from a host directory. Note!: The add-on uses simple filesystem storage local to the node where it was added. Not suitable for a production environment or clusters 1.24 amd64 classic
host-access Provides a fixed IP for access to the host’s services. amd64 classic
ingress A simple ingress controller for external access. amd64 classic
kube-ovn The feature rich Kube-OVN network fabric. 1.25 amd64 classic
mayastor Multi-node zero-ops storage option powered by Mayastor 1.24 amd64 classic
metallb Deploys the MetalLB Loadbalancer. Note that currently this does not work on macOS, due to network filtering. 1.23 amd64 classic
metrics-server Adds the Kubernetes Metrics Server for API access to service metrics. amd64 classic
prometheus Deploys the Prometheus Operator. 1.14 amd64 classic
rbac Enable Role Based Access Control for authorisation. Note that this is incompatible with some other add-ons. 1.15 amd64 classic
registry Deploy a private image registry and expose it on localhost:32000. 1.12 amd64 classic
storage DEPRECATED - Replaced by the hostpath-storage addon. <1.24 amd64 classic