Add on: host-access

The host-access addon enables access to services running on the host machine via a fixed IP.
This becomes useful when your machine changes IPs as you hop through different networks.

You can install this addon with:

microk8s enable host-access

A new local network interface named lo:microk8s is created with a default IP address of

Alternatively, you can provide a different IP address when enabling the addon:

microk8s enable host-access:ip=<desired-ip>

What are acceptable ip addresses? Can this be the same as eth0? I want to expose my cluster to my LAN. Can I use host-access to do this?

@tinjaw this addon is not for exposing the cluster to your LAN. The use case for this addon is when you have a service running on your localhost (eg a DB) and you need the in-cluster services to reach that service through a fixed IP. Your localhost may change IPs because for example it is a laptop or it gets its IPs from a dhcp server so this addon will create an interface on the host with an IP that you configure.

Thanks for that info. That clears things up for me.