Advice needed for an application gateway

Setup advice welcome.

I’ve[1] been tasked with standing up a kubernetes application gateway / firewall.

  • There are a large number of IP ranges we must block.
  • This list will be updated on a regular basis.

From my quick skim on the subject it looks as if NGINX ingress controller is the way to go.


  • It looks like this could be an ugly way to configure things.

  • Is this really the best way to go.

  • Ideally, what I’d like is to maintain an table / database of IP ranges I must block, and draw on that as a canonical source, automatically - is there a way to do that?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:
Cloud being used: Linode
Installation method: Terraform / Git
Host OS: Linux

[1] Long time IT guy, first time setting up kubernets from scratch, instead of working on other people’s setups.