Anyone interested working on an open source project to automate/simplify deployment in Kubernetes?

Hi Kubernetes Community,

I am working on some tool to automatically deploy a typical stack on EKS, like Ingress, AutoScaler and also Apache Spark. It turns out not a trivial work. My goal is to be able to deploy these components with one click command. So people could easily create such an EKS cluster whenever needed, and destroy it without worrying difficult to recreate the cluster.

Anyone interested to work on such tool together?


Hello, am new to the space but would like to know more about the some of the task involved. thanks

Hi Manny, the tool is called “punch” (GitHub - datapunchorg/punch). It uses AWS Go SDK to provision EKS and deploy a bunch of components.

For example, a single command run like “punch install SparkOnK8s” will create a new EKS and Spark deployment with Ingress/AutoScale/etc. After finishing using the cluster, you could run “punch uninstall SparkOnK8s” to delete the cluster.

Some further tasks are like making the tool more flexible to deploy other services (more than Spark).

Let me know if you are interested in any part of the project.


Now am not sure exactly what is it that it will entail in terms of commitment daily or weekly. What kind of proficiency is needed to make impact on this work.

Weekly should be good. It depends on your interest and time :slight_smile: