At home microk8s add-node from the cloud

I have a server (3970 32 core and a titan GPU) to host my hobby website with a public IP. It has a boat load of microservices managed by microk8s Kubernetes. Normally this server is adequate.
On occasion, I get large workloads that require a week to process. I thought of purchasing another
3970, but it’s a waste of $ given these large workloads occur rarely. I thought of moving everything to the cloud, but the $ add up quickly given the base load of 32 cores + GPU.

Is there a way to “VPN in from the cloud” so I can host a microk8s node in the cloud? The idea is that when a high workload occurs, I can find some low-cost on-demand capacity from a cloud provider and do an add-node from the cloud to supplement my home microk8s to clear the backlog?