Back-off pulling image "mysql:5.6" (help needed)

i am trying to set up wordpress on kubernetes running on raspberry pi 4 (4GB) but i am having a problems that i do not know how to fix. I first installed microk8s following those instructions before that i also added “cgroup_enable=memory cgroup_memory=1” to “/boot/firmware/nobtcmd.txt”. and then i tried to install wordpress with those instructions. but when i run “kubectl apply -k ./” i get "Back-off pulling image “mysql:5.6"” what should i do? i am running ubuntu LTS 20.04.1 but i tried also on ubuntu 18.04.4.

Hi @mamut321,

I think the instructions you follow to install wordpress is for amd64 but the raspberry has an arm processor. If for example you look at [1] the mysql images are for amd64.


@kjackal thank you for your answer. I see it now. Is there any other way to install WordPress on kubernetes on raspberry pi? I am new to kubernetes i don’t understand it that much. So i am sorry if i am asking dumb questions.

Thank you