Please help me know where to go! Wordpress/lamp stack on microk8s on Pi4 cluster

I’m a total noob to MicroK8s. I’m building an 8 node pi 4 cluster, and I’d like to play with installing a LAMP stack and Wordpress on it.

I’ve been looking, but I haven’t found basic tutorials on how to install applications. Please tell me where to go! :wink:

Hi, good luck with the cluster! You are talking about deploying applications to Kubernetes running on your cluster?

The applications are containers - e.g. like a docker image. You can just fetch a docker image and ‘install’ it by telling kubernetes what to run, or you can use another system to make creatinga and managing the container easier. Some people use things like Helm (you can just microk8s enable helm) but for installing and managing the applications you should check out Juju. Once set up you can then just deploy the apps you want and link them together.

my own problem is with the microk8s installation. it always reports EOF when downloading microk8s core.
any suggestions?