MicroK8s v1.14 released!

MicroK8s is a Kubernetes cluster delivered as a single snap package - it can be installed on any Linux distribution which supports snaps. MicroK8s is small and simple to install and is a great way to stand up a cluster quickly for development and testing. Try it on your laptop!

snap install microk8s --classic

1.14 Release Changelog

  • Containerd replaced dockerd. Thanks to waquidvp for keeping up with the containerd and runc updates.
  • The Ingress controller got updated to v0.22.0 (thanks to khteh) and is now using
    • the correct ConfigMap (thanks keshavdv)
    • the ClusterFirstWithHostNet dnsPolicy (thanks klarose)
    • the right targetport (thanks davefinster)
  • Istio addon now deploys Istio v1.0.5.
  • microk8s.reset now deletes CRDs. Thank you miguelgarcia.
  • Improved security of exposed ports and services.
  • Three new addons are available since the last release anouncement:
    • Jaeger, available with: microk8s.enable jaeger
    • Fluentd, try it with: microk8s.enable fluentd
    • Prometheus, enable it with: microk8s.enable prometheus
  • Installation on Arch Linux now correctly detects the machine architecture.
  • kubectl now uses a secure kubeconfig found in a configurable location.

For more information on MicroK8s consult the official docs, and to contribute to the project, check out the repo at https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s, or chat with us on the Kubernetes Slack, in the #microk8s channel!