MicroK8s v1.19 released!

MicroK8s is a Kubernetes cluster delivered as a single snap package - it can be installed on any Linux distribution which supports snaps, as well as MacOS and Windows 10. MicroK8s is small and simple to install and is a great way to quickly stand up a cluster for development, CI/CD or the edge. Try it on your laptop!

snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.19/stable

Most important updates since the last release:

  • High Availability. Try it by clustering at least three nodes.
  • Improved microk8s status output.
  • New ambassador addon, courtesy of @inercia.
  • Multus support via a new addon. Thank you @apnar.
  • New host-access addon to allow you to access host services from pods, courtesy of @iskitsas.
  • The microk8s.dashboard-proxy command makes it easier to access the dashboard.
  • The microk8s.dbctl command allows for backing up the cluster’s datastore.
  • Static token file used for admin authentication.
  • In adding a node you can now provide your own token. You can also set the time a join token expires. Thank you @balchua .
  • You can now set the registry size while enabling the addon, courtesy of @cyril-corbon
  • Addition of the ingress controller ConfigMaps to support ingress of TCP and UDP. Thank you @trulede.
  • Set the TLS certificate when enabling ingress with microk8s.enable ingress:default-ssl-certificate=namespace/secretname . Thank you @marcobellaccini.
  • Ingress images updated to v0.33. Thank you @balchua.
  • “micrk8s.ctr” detects the right snapshotter. Thank you @hpidcock .
  • kubelet comes with token auth enabled so prometheus can monitor it. Thank you @double73.
  • Istio updated to v1.5.1, thank you @nepython for your effort here.
  • The dashboard addon deploys only the dashboard v2.0.0 and the metrics server. Thank you @balchua.
  • Containerd updated to v1.3.7. Thank you @balchua.
  • Dashboard image pull policy set to default (ifNotPresent), thank you @biiiipy.
  • Linkerd updated to v2.8.0. Thank you @balchua.
  • The MetalLB updated to v0.9.3 and now supports multiple ranges and CIDR notation. Thank you @siddharths2710 and @balchua.
  • Fluentd updated to v3.0.2, courtesy of @balchua.
  • Prometheus updated to v2.20.0 as part of kube-promethues v0.6.0. Thank you @balchua.
  • Added local registry discovery support, courtesy of @nicks.

Users following the latest stable MicroK8s track will be automatically upgraded to 1.19 in the next couple of days.

For more information on MicroK8s consult the official docs, and to contribute to the project, check out the repo at https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s, or chat with us on the Kubernetes Slack, in the #microk8s channel!

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