Can I get the Kubernetes Blog via email?

Is Kubernetes Blog - Kubernetes available in an email format? I’ve looked around but I don’t see an option. I’m looking for a way to stay on top of major Kubernetes announcements, and the pace and content of the Kubernetes Blog looks perfect.

I’m subscribed to [kubernetes-announce], but there’s an announcement for every point, -beta and -rc release which too noisy for what I need. is similarly noisy.

You can use the RSS feed for the blog, see the link at the bottom :slight_smile:

That’s true, but I don’t use an RSS reader (RSS is sort of but not quite dead). That’s why I was asking about email.

I can try RSS using Feedly or IFTTT again, but I was hoping for just straight email without the need to add another tool.

Subscribing to the k8s-blog tag should do the trick:

However ingestion hasn’t been as reliable as I like lately, I’m working on finding a more reliable solution.

Thanks for the feedback on the announcements section, maybe we should just cut it down to major and point releases and just cut out the betas?

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You can actually do this sort of indirectly by setting up notifications on tags :slight_smile:
You can go right to the section here:<user>/preferences/tags

We publish the kubernetes blog with the k8s-blog tag.

Thanks, Jorge and Bob. (or a subset using ) looks like what I need?

Is it possible to prevent users from misusing the k8s-blog tag, which happened with the post at Error while Adding slave node on Master node

maybe we should just cut it down to major and point releases and just cut out the betas?

Yes, I think this would make the feed more ‘customer’-friendly and accessible to a broader audience. Point releases would be a bit much from my perspective, but others may feel differently. Things like security announcements would be appropriate also.

The kubernetes-announce just has too much stuff that’s not very helpful to me:

We can’t restrict specific tags, but we can limit tagging to accounts of a certain trust level. What might be a good solution is to set it so the trust level for tags is set to 2 or 3. It means at least some level of activity on the forums and likely pick up on more of the eb and flow of it all.

Another possible option would be to create categories under announce and restrict their access – e.g. only the bot account / forum mods etc could post to the k8s-blog, k8s-release, k8-s security category etc. or group them under ‘official k8s project comms’ and another for 3rd party announcements. Both would be bubbled up to the announce category as a whole, but would allow for subscribing to sub-categories only.

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Ok some updates, I’ve updated the tag requirement to level 1, that should prevent new users not comfortable with the system from accidentally tagging stuff.

Zapier has also published a new Discourse plugin, allowing us to ingest much faster and reliably vs. the old email ingest method. The only problem now is we can’t auto-tag the post with k8s-blog, so there will be a delay depending on when an admin reviews and publish the post. I’m going to file a feature request to let us also tag a post.

Once that is done we can remove the humans from the equation and you should be set. Next I’ll look at releases, thanks for all the feedback so far!

Are you sure? I remember there being a staff-writable,world-visible tags list setting.

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You are 100% right. I was digging around in the admin panel looking for it but only saw the settings regarding restricting to trust levels. It’s managed in the tag groups within the tag section itself.

You can also subscribe to KubeWeekly, which is a collection of articles on Kubernetes. If there is a blog on, it will be in KubeWeekly.

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