Change Minikube from VirtualBox to KVM2

Hey, guys.

A few months ago I installed Minikube with VirtualBox. I’ve installed KVM a couple of days ago.

When I type “minikube start” it appears this message:

“You have selected “VirtualBox” driver, but there are better options!
│ For better performance and support consider using a different driver:
│ - kvm2

│ To turn off this warning run:

│ $ minikube config set WantVirtualBoxDriverWarning false”

Is there a command to switch to kvm2?

I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

minikube start --driver=kvm2

To make kvm2 the default driver:

minikube config set driver kvm2

From the minikube docs here:

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It worked! Thank you so much, Bob. Have a great week! :grinning: :100: