Error on deploying Minikube in a VM (bhyve) on TrueNAS

Hello people,

I was trying to deploy just for test purposes Minikube inside one of my virtual machines. Currently in our lab we are using TrueNAS that as hypervisor uses bhyve. I guess this is not supported yet? I am guessing this from the fact that I cannot select `“minikube start --driver=bhyve”.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.17.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 (amd64)
Cloud being used: (put bare-metal if not on a public cloud) bare-metal/VM
Installation method: deployment of minikube in a VM
Host OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (amd64)
CNI and version:
CRI and version:

Error below:

  • Starting control plane node minikube in cluster minikube
    ! StartHost failed, but will try again: config: please provide an IP address
  • Failed to start ssh bare metal machine. Running “minikube delete” may fix it: config: please provide an IP address

X Exiting due to GUEST_PROVISION: Failed to start host: config: please provide an IP address

Thank you in advance

bhyve is not supported, please see their list of available drivers: