Cloud based Serverless replacing Kubernetes?

My company has 95% real simple apps with JS front end, java service backend, access simple data stores or REST Services. Want to focus on our core business and differentiators not the infrastructure or container orchestrator so fun on AWS ECS Fargate Serverless.

Kubernetes seems complicated and more tuned for the old days when IaaS/PaaS/XaaS didn’t exist and you had to make the most of your on premise physical servers.

What would be the advantage of migrating to EKS or Kubernetes in general?


Hi @jj348,

I wouldn’t say cloud based serverless is replacing Kubernetes, it all depends on the abstraction that works for your needs.

I built some projects on Cloud Foundry and I don’t feel the need to shift them to Kubernetes as it incurs some additional complexity of building my own container images and a host of other things that Cloud Foundry just does automatically.

My opinion is, the higher up the stack you can go the better as long as you are not restricted by the technology.

If ECS works for you, then stick with it.
If you get in to a situation where you need more control or have to deploy something that doesn’t quite work well in ECS then consider something lower down the stack like EKS where you have more flexibility.

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