Complete Newbie

I am leaving the petroleum industry for something I have done as a hobby (general computer stuff) and was given the advice of a friend that Kubernetes certification was the way to get my foot in the door. I am taking a beginners class on Udemy and trying to install the kubectl on Win10. The documentation on installation located at Install and Set Up kubectl on Windows | Kubernetes says “Add the binary in to your PATH”. I know so little that even this confuses me. Can someone please tell me if this is simply saying to install the exe? If not, what does it mean?

Please pardon my lack of knowledge. I will probably ask a lot more newbie questions, but I don’t know how else to do it.

Thanks for understanding.


Hey Bo! No worries, we all start somewhere.

Docker for Desktop is probably worth installing on Mac and Windows. It lets you develop locally and it also installs docker and kubectl commands for you. This also covers you for doing container and deployment development locally.

This document from Java walks you through how to make a change to the path variable on each OS. Oracle is a reputable tech company that produces documentation for system admins and developers in support of their own software.

Learning about Linux can knock out a core dependency that you need to be effective. The Linux Command Line by William Shotts teaches Linux and incidentally a lot of that knowledge can be expanded into general OSes, programming, and computing in general. He lets people download his book for free as a PDF.

Good luck!

Thank you, prontosam. I will definitely take your advice on these “getting started” links. I am following along with the teacher on Udemy, so specifically the Java document sounds like it will answer my question as well as many others. Reference materials like this will be highly valued in the learning process. If anyone else has reference recommendations, bring it, please.

Thanks again, prontosam…