Minikube vs Docker Desktop Kubernetes?

I’ve been using Docker Desktop for years. When I started supporitng Kubernetes in the workplace I enabled the Kubernetes feature within Docker Desktop for any local testing. I was able to do everything I needed - for example adding metrics server for HPA testing and using port-forward to get to nodePort IP’s.

As I’m trying to broaden my exposure to k8s I’m finding all the various blogs and YT videos are 100% (not even 90 or 95 or 99) using Minikube. Can someone please fill me in on what I’m missing? I figure most others also already have Docker Desktop installed but still chose to add Minikube?

I went the Docker route for no other reason than it was already there and again stuck with it because it did everything I needed. As a side note I typically work on Windows OS with WSL Ubuntu insatlled - any docker/kubectl commands I would work from within Ubuntu.

Are you able to do this simple demo with Services?
I moved from DD to minikube because I wasn’t able to get things working and now even this fails on minikube. (No way I am going to go out and get a MacOS just for this).

curl $(minikube ip):32000 

kubernetes - Creating Services. curl timed out when doing curl http://$(minikube ip):32000 - Stack Overflow

It fails for me.