Dashboard Plugins Fail to Load on Minikube

Hi! I’m experimenting with the plugin functionality of the k8s dashboard. I’ve followed the documentation steps to create the plugin CRD, compile the source, create the plugin CRD instances and upload the source as ConfigMaps.

On the Dashboard, I see the Plugins section in the sidebar. Selecting it, I see a list of installed plugins: k8s-plugin and plugin1, the two examples installed by the steps in the documentation above.

Clicking on either of these gives me a blank page. Using the web inspector I see that the request to load the plugin source fails with a 404.

Status: 404 Not Found
Source: Network

I now realise that this URL is incorrect. I’m running k8s locally via minikube, and I’ve started the dashboard via minikube dashboard which is proxying all the requests. If I try and request the script via the proxy directly, I get the source:

Status: 200 OK
Source: Network

Is there a step missing to get the k8s dashboard to fetch the script source via the proxy rather than directly?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19.4
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method: minikube
Host OS: macOS Catalina
CNI and version: Unknown
CRI and version: Unknown